Stating Some Negative Impacts Of Sand Mining On The Ecology!

  • Stating Some Negative Impacts Of Sand Mining On The Ecology!

While sand mining in India is a popular and beneficial activity, it also has some potential drawbacks. This comprehensive guide is to discuss some major ones.

The process of extracting sand from the best sand mining companies in West Bengal often encompasses various methods. These are namely open pit and underground methods. With the rising population and increase in urbanization, every sand mining company is exploiting sand as and when they want. But every action has a reaction. 

Negative Impacts Of Sand Mining:

It Causes Erosion:

  • An unregulated procedure of sand mining in India leads to soil erosion. Sea beaches are usually formed by the balancing act of erosional and depositional forces. Although there is a natural way to maintain this balance, human interference often leads to excessive results like erosion that can retreat beaches. 
  • With the removal of excessive sediment from water bodies, sand mining also impacts the shrinking of river beds. Deltas recede due to the mining of sand blocks. All of these destroying effects of sand mining ultimately result in the loss of fertile properties and land. 

Sand Mining Harms Local Wildlife:

  • We know that beaches are found at an intersection between land and oceans. Therefore, beaches are home to a variety of animals like turtles, snails and crabs. When a sand mining company in West Bengal extracts sand, it eventually disturbs the wildlife species. 
  • For instance, turtles including the Olive ridley sea turtle come to the beaches to dig nests and lay eggs. But when sand mining destroys their nesting habitats, it ultimately leads to their disappearance. 
  • Similarly, other habitats like gharials, also face disruption when an industry carries out extensive sand mining. Gharials are the fish-eating crocodiles found in India. 

Sand Mining Makes Areas Flood Prone:

  • Sandbanks, dunes, and beaches act as a barrier from floods. But whenever extensive sand mining takes place, it removes these barriers. The areas near river bodies or seas become very prone to flooding. As a result, beachside communities become vulnerable to the forces of nature.
  • In accordance with the above points, one must conclude by saying that sand mining in West Bengal must have constant checks by the local authorities. This is the only way to save our ecosystem and its habitats from extreme dangers. Moreover, one can also check sand mining by contacting a reliable industry.


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